Everything you need to know about using the Hypnos mask and app.


1.1 Can I be hypnotized ?

Anyone can be hypnotized, because we all have the capacity to get in touch with our imagination. When your imagination is stimulated, you enter in an hypnotic state quite naturally and a form of reality takes shape in your mind that stirs up physical sensations and thoughts, and with these come feelings.

1.2 What's the difference between the mask and meditation ?

Sophrology and meditation use breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization of positive images, whereas hypnosis is more psychological and gives rise to an altered state of consciousness. Although they’re based on Ericksonian hypnosis, some Hypnos sessions draw on sophrology and meditation, because Milton H.Erickson’s method uses all the techniques available in order to achieve the objective. 

1.3 Can the mask replace a hypnotherapist ?

The Hypnos mask can never take the place of a real hypnotherapist. It’s an aid that can be used as a supplementary means to reach your objectives, but it can’t replace actual therapy. 

1.4 Is Hypnos a medical device ?

Some healthcare practitioners such as surgeons, dentists, and physical therapists, use the mask in their professional practice and an application has been submitted for it to be classified as a medical device in France.

1.5 Is the mask suitable for children and seniors ?

Our hypnosis sessions are appropriate for all ages, from children to elderly people, and the mask can easily be used by all the family. 

Hypnosis sessions, that are specially designed for young children can be found in the Stories section of the app. 

2. Technical Info

2.1 What are BeSync and SunUp ?

The BeSync function allows you to do cardiac coherence (guided breathing) with the mask. By synchronizing your breathing with red lights (breathe in when the red light comes on, breathe out when it fades), you enter a state of cardiac coherence. This is very relaxing – your breathing and your heart rate slow down, which helps calm your thoughts. 

The SunUp function is the dawn simulator function, which wakes you up very gently by mimicking the sunrise. The SunUp function allows you to wake up more naturally.

2.2 Why does the mask have multicoloured LEDs ?

The colours of the LEDs have several functions. Blue LEDs mean that your mask is ON. They turn purple when your mask is connected to the app. They go red when they’re guiding you through a breathing exercise. 

But we also use coloured LEDs to help stimulate your imagination. Blue helps you stay alert and speeds up reaction times, so we’ve incorporate it into the motivation and wellbeing sessions. Each colour is chosen specifically to promote certain sensations.

2.3 Why do the cardiac coherence exercises have red LEDs ?

We chose red LEDs for all the cardiac coherence exercises because it’s one of the only colours that doesn’t disrupt the secretion of melatonin and other sleep hormones. That’s why we also used red for all the rest and relaxation sessions. 

2.4 How does Hypnos differ from virtual reality (VR) ?

Virtual reality requires a screen with images. The Hypnos mask doesn’t work with a screen and images. Virtual reality is creating an artificial environment, whereas with Hypnos you’re creating your own environment inside your mind. Your imagination is more powerful than any software. 

2.5 What lighting safety standards does the Hypnos mask adhere to ?

The Hypnos mask adheres to the EN60598-1/EN 62471 lighting safety standards drawn up by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These set out safe levels of exposure, benchmark measuring techniques and offer a classification system for evaluating and limiting any photobiological hazard from optical radiation sources. 

The standards identify 4 groups, from 0 (Exempt, meaning no photobiological risk) to 3 (high risk). France’s Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety recommends that products for use by the general public must fall within groups 0 or 1 (no or low risk). 

After testing, the Hypnos mask was rated 0 or Exempt (no risk). 

2.6 Is my mask always connected ?

You can use your Hypnos mask without a connection to a smartphone or tablet if you want to have a nap or use it in Sleep mode. But when you’re listening to a hypnosis session, you need to be connected via Bluetooth, so we advice you to put it into Airplane mode if you don’t want to be disturbed and you want to reduce electromagnetic radiation. Only Bluetooth remains active so it can synchronize the mask with the app. 

Your Hypnos mask uses Bluetooth 4.0 which emits one of the lowest levels of electromagnetic radiation – less than from a smartphone. 

2.7 How often does the Hypnos mask need recharging ?

The battery life of the mask varies depending on how you use it. With average daily use (2 to 3 sessions per day, plus a nap), you will need to recharge the mask once a week. In Sleep mode, the mask can be used for 14 hours, then you just need to charge it via USB like your phone. 

3. Using the mask

3.1 Do I have to keep my eyes open to see the lights in the mask ?

Your Hypnos mask is always used with you eyes closes. The lights create a luminance effect that’s visible through your eyelids.

3.2 Can I sleep with my Hypnos mask on at night ?

Feel free to sleep with your Hypnos mask on. There are two ways to use the mask for sleep :
The first is to listen to a session before falling asleep to clear your mind and gently drift off to sleep. To listen to a session, use the “Hypnosis“ mode, which requires a Bluetooth connection,

the app, the mask and earphones.
The second method involves using the mask in “Sleep“ mode, as explained on page 33

3.3 Do I have to keep the mask on during the night ?

The mask is very comfortable and lightweight, like a sleep mask, so after a cardiac coherence session to help you fall asleep, you can keep the mask on until the morning. 

3.4 Do I have to wear headphones ?

It depends on how you use it. If you want to listen to hypnosis sessions and feel totally immersed in the narrative, we advice you to wear earphones or headphones so you get a full three-dimensional sound. 

But if you want to use the mask for a nap or in Sleep mode, you just need to put on the mask and close your eyes. 

3.5 What's the best position to use the mask in ?

If you’re using it for Hypnosis then you can choose any position that’s comfortable for you. But for some sessions, we’ll guide you and tell you the best position to get into. 

If you want to use the mask for sleeping, you can sleep the same way you usually do. Whether you prefer sleeping on your stomach, on your side or on your back, you can do it with your mask on. It’s designed to be comfortable for everyone, no matter how you sleep. 

3.6 Can I use the app and sessions without a Hypnos mask ?

You need to have a mask to be able to use all the sessions. When you begin playing a session, your app prompts you to connect a mask.
However, you can use the mask without the app in Nap mode or Sleep mode. 

In Nap mode, you program the length of your nap, drop off gently by doing guided breathing and are woken up gradually by a dawn simulator. 

In Sleep mode, you’re going to reorder your sleep pattern by learning to fall asleep with a breathing guide and be awakened by the built-in dawn simulator. 

3.7 My mask isn't comfortable ! What do I do ?

Is your mask brand new ? In the beginning it may not feel very comfortable but it will quickly become more supple and take on the contours of your face. 

3.8 Can I carry my mask around with me ?

Your mask is delivered with a carry case so you can take it everywhere with you. 

3.9 What can I do if my phone rings during a session ?

We advise you to put your phone in Airplane mode if you want to do a session with your mask. Your Hypnos experience won’t be as satisfying and effective if you’re disturbed by an email or a notification. 

3.10 How many sessions will be added to the app ?

For now, you can enjoy 33 hypnosis sessions on the app and they’re all free ! Use them to sleep better, cope with stress, reduce pain and lots more. The good news is, the library of hypnosis programs will expand as new programs are added. You’ll get a newsletter telling you about updates to the library. 

4. Other questions

4.1 Where can I buy the Hypnos mask ?

You can buy your mask directly from our website (www.dreaminzzz.com) or from Amazon UK.

4.3 Do you collect my data ?

We record all the data for internal use. In accordance with Article 39 and subsequent Articles of Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 as modified in relation to data processing and personal data protection, any individual may request the disclosure and, where appropriate, correction or deletion of data concerning him or her by contacting support@dreaminzzz.com

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email contact@dreaminzzz.com

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