16 mn

The Metamorphosis sessions blend two highly effective modern therapeutic techniques, hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Both belong to the family of what are called “brief therapies”, which aim to help resolve your issues speedily. It’s a very short path from negative thought patterns to negative behavioural patterns. Up until now you’ve been sustaining a particular behaviour by  unintentionally feeding certain misconceptions about yourself. In this session, you’ll relegate those old ways of thinking and behaviours to the past and picture yourself more in control and at ease in the future. By diving deep into the workings of your mind, you can forge the contours of a more constructive way of behaving. You’ll eliminate or shut out the ringing in your ears, which may have had a purpose in the past.

Once you’ve found the way there, and taken real possession of this place where your thoughts create your reality, you’ll be able to return here again and again to keep honing your inner diamond.
In this session you’ll do real therapeutic work, so you shouldn’t undertake it unless you’re feeling genuinely motivated.
You’ll be recommended to repeat this session if necessary, until you’re completely satisfied.

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