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Improve your sleep

Good sleep is natural and essential, yet many psychological or physical factors can hinder this biological function that is critical for living a happy and fulfilled life. Like everyone else, you want to make the most of your energy to carry out projects that are meaningful to you.

The Hypnos programs for restoring quality rest provide you with knowledge and practical tools to re-learn how to sleep.

You've learned a great many things in your life, from math and history to sports and musical instruments. But have you learned to breathe? Eat? Sleep?

Since these are all natural functions, we think they're easy to do. While knowing how to breathe, eat, or sleep is innate, doing it well can be learned!!

Our sleep experts will help you change your limiting or toxic behaviors and adopt new habits in just a few nights. You'll enjoy improved sleep hygiene to wake up easier and experience less daytime fatigue.

Sleep is one of the pillars of a healthy, happy life. But when it becomes dysregulated and bad habits set in, your whole body and daily routine are affected. These programs will help you get back on track and put you in the ideal frame of mind to quickly recover quality sleep.

You now have all the tools you need to sleep without using medication (benzodiazepines, antidepressants, etc.).

Some statistics:

According to a study conducted in 2019 by the Institut National du Sommeil et de la Vigilance, it takes people in France 16 minutes to fall asleep on average.

45% of adults have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, and 70% of adults have poor sleep quality and are more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety.



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Programmes Improve your sleep

Sessions Improve your sleep

Like a babyLet the suggestions for falling asleep infuse you

10 min

Deep sleepLet the suggestions for falling asleep infuse you

10 min

Get back to sleepYour body knows the way to sleep, it is up to your mind to take over.

5 min

Believe in yourself!Reinforce your beliefs at any time

15 min

My napEnjoy a little rest

10 min

Sweet dreamLet the suggestions brew in you

10 min

Nightly mind cleanseClean up your thoughts

7 min

Empty your mindA very useful tool to fall asleep

7 min

Breathe to AwakenWake up to the rhythm

6 mn

Inner Negotiation +Reconcile the different parts of yourself

24 mn

Inner NegotiationFor inner peace

15 mn

Lucid dreamImprove your night

16 mn

My Sleep GoalDetermine your goal in 6 stages

15 min

What do you believe?Identify which of your beliefs limit you, and which ones empower you

5 min

Now do you believe it?Change and replace the thoughts that were limiting you and strengthen those that will carry you.

16 min

RelaxationSoothe your whole being

21 mn

By candlelightFall asleep by candlelight

5 min

The Tick-Tock tacticControl time!

6 min

Close your eyesClose your eyes to fall asleep! What an idea!

7 min

Sleep Coherence – 7br/mnBreathe in coherence to fall asleep

10 mn

Sleep Coherence – 6br/mnBreathe in coherence to fall asleep

10 mn

Sleep Coherence – 5br/mnBreathe in coherence to fall asleep

10 mn

Sleep breathingFall asleep to the beat

7 mn

InsomniaSleep is close to you

16 mn

Sleep Chp3 The sandmanThe castle of your dreams

10 mn

Sleep Chp1 The lullabyLet yourself be lulled

12 mn

Sleep Chp2 In the arms of MorpheusLearn to fall asleep

10 mn