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Manage your addictions

We all aspire to achieve balance and well-being. However, certain psychological or physical factors can hinder our well-being and generate unhealthy situations for us. Addictions such as tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, or even sugar can have a considerable impact on our lives. Our addiction management programs are designed to give you the knowledge and practical tools you need to relearn how to live without these addictions.

These programs provide you with access to our specialists' expertise every day to help you change your current limiting or toxic behaviors and establish new habits. When you follow these programs, you'll enjoy a healthier lifestyle and experience greater mental and physical freedom.

Addictions to tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, or sugar can disrupt your equilibrium and negatively impact your physical and mental well-being. Our addiction management programs will help you create good habits and prepare your mind for change so you can live a healthy and happy life as quickly as possible.

A few statistics underscore the importance of addiction management:

According to Santé publique France, in 2019, around 25.4% of people aged 18-75 smoked daily in France. (Source: Santé publique France - Baromètre santé 2019)

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that smoking is responsible for more than 75,000 deaths every year in France. (Source: WHO - France)

According to Santé publique France, in 2019, around 41.8% of people aged 18 to 75 said they drank alcohol regularly during the year. (Source: Santé publique France - Baromètre santé 2019)


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Programmes Manage your addictions

Sessions Manage your addictions

Above the cloudsLet the suggestions for release infuse you.

5 min

Break free!Let the suggestions for release infuse you.

10 min

Fly awayLet the suggestions for release infuse you.

5 min

Fake it until you make itNeed a boost?

7 min

The craving will passNeed a boost?

11 min

I already feel betterNeed a boost?

5 min

I had a relapse; so what ?Need a boost?

15 min

Believe in yourself!Reinforce your beliefs at any time

15 min

I order you to smoke !Need a boost?

15 min

My triggersUse your emotions to control your feelings

5 min

The wave – Stop AlcoholSay goodbye to cravings

9 mn

Agent CiggyOutsmart the traps of this very special agent

16 mn

My Tobacco goalDetermine your goal in 6 steps

15 min

What do you believe?Identify which of your beliefs limit you, and which ones empower you

5 min

The wave – Stop smokingSay goodbye to cravings

9 mn

NO smokingReinvent your identity

16 mn

Phoenix HealthBoost your immune system

21 mn

Stress Coherence 6br/mnBreathe in coherence to calm yourself

11 mn

Inner Negotiation +Reconcile the different parts of yourself

24 mn

Inner NegotiationFor inner peace

15 mn

RelaxationSoothe your whole being

21 mn